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About Chase

Criminal Law Background

Chase Brown has gained notoriety as one of Nashville's premier criminal defense attorneys, having represented clients on thousands of charges, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.  To that end, Chase has a deep understanding of the complex immigration issues that can arise if a non-citizen is facing criminal charges. 

Chase Brown is a member of the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a graduate of the Tennessee Criminal Defense Trial College.  He is fluent in Spanish and therefore operates a dynamic criminal defense practice.  Before starting his own criminal defense practice in 2011, Chase gained valuable legal experience as a prosecutor for the State of Tennessee.  This experience allows Chase to see and understand both sides of a story--your story.  Whether you are charged with the lowest of misdemeanors or a felony carrying serious jail time, no case is taken lightly.  Nashville Criminal Lawyer Chase Brown is prepared to handle your case respectfully, passionately and wholeheartedly. 

Civil Law Background:

Attorney Chase Brown
worked as a litigation attorney for a prominent civil law firm located in downtown Nashville.  He defended corporate clients against Federal and State claims of workplace harassment and discrimination.  He also defended construction companies all across the State of Tennessee against Tennessee OSHA workplace fatality investigations and general inspections.


Mississippi College School of Law, J.D. Cum Laude, Jackson, Mississippi
     -Highest GPA Award: Criminal Law, Employment Discrimination
     -Sam Wilkins Criminal Law Scholarship
     -Nationally Ranked Trial Advocacy
University of Puerto Rico School of Law, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
     -Semester exchange study where Chase's legal courses were taught in Spanish

DePaul University School of Law, Heredia, Costa Rica
     -Inter-American Court of Human Rights in San Jose, Costa Rica

The University of Alabama, Graduated with Distinction, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
     -Major: Economics
     -Official University Ambassador (Capstone Men & Women)
     -Economics Lab Professor
     -Outstanding Undergraduate in Economics

Continued Education:

Tennessee Criminal Defense Trial College
, Tennessee 2013


     -Fluent in Spanish


     -Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ("TACDL")
     -American Bar Association

Industry Recognition

-Avvo Clients' Choice Award 2013
     -Avvo Clients' Choice Award 2015

Chase and his church regularly visit Honduras.  In this photo Chase and his team were handing out Christmas gifts to the children local to San Marcos de Colón, a mountain village close to the Nicaraguan border.

Chase learned Spanish after living with a host family in Costa Rica.  It was this
experience in particular that sparked Chase's desire to assist in representing a culture that had once been so hospitable to him.  He has since traveled to Puerto Rico, Colombia, Nicaragua and Ecuador, where he climbed the world's highest active volcano at Cotopaxi. 


Questions for Defense Attorney Chase Brown

Question # 1: Why Criminal Law?

Answer:  Whether it's a misdemeanor or a felony, a criminal charge is a life-changing experience for many.  Depending on how a case is handled, a criminal charge may seriously affect the ability to find employment.  On the other hand, a criminal charge may bring about serious jail time.  I am passionate about bringing my client through this stressful time and resolving the case to get the results he or she deserves. 

Question # 2: What part of your job do you enjoy most?

Answer:  Letting my clients know that their heavy burden has now become my own -- they can relax now. 

Question # 3
: What makes you want to practice criminal defense?

Answer:  I remember in college I was accused of stealing gas.  On a hot summer afternoon I stopped by a gas station to purchase a Gatorade.  As I left, a police officer caught up with me down the road and said I was a suspect for stolen gas. Back at the store, a clerk said she saw me pull up to a pump, retrieve $5 worth of gas, and drive off without paying.  I pleaded my case but no one would listen.  At that moment, I realized that no matter what I said, there was nothing I could say to convince the officer and store clerk that I was innocent of stealing. By this time, several fellow students had observed the commotion and I was humiliated.

              Thankfully, video surveillance that day confirmed that I had not stolen gas at all.  In fact, it was a person who did not look like me, in a car that was not mine, at a time when I was not even there.  I learned first-hand that anyone can be wrongfully accused of a crime.  I also learned that eye witness testimony is the least credible of all the five senses. 

              The problem with this scenario is that it happens every day, but most people do not have the benefit of things like video surveillance.  Every story has two sides -- let Defense Attorney Chase Brown tell yours.

Question # 4: What is your greatest strength?

Answer:  There are some things you can teach, and there are other things you simply can't.  I have always found my success to be driven by hard work and the ability to relate to anyone.

Have you been charged with a crime?  Tell Nashville Defense Attorney Chase Brown about your case, and let him take care of the rest.

The Law Office of Chase Brown
  810 Dominican Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37228
Telephone: (615) 916 - 1215

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